Aspire Gusto Mini Nic Salts

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Aspire and Element E-Liquid have come together to produce the new standard in vaping - The Aspire Gusto Mini powered by Ns20. The anticipation had bubbled to such intense levels, that within eight hours of releasing the Aspire Gusto Mini powered by Ns20, they were completely sold out in the UK!

The Aspire Gusto Mini is the ideal closed system vaping device for former smokers, new vapers and veteran vapers alike, the perfect complement for Ns20Ns20 - developed, manufactured and produced in the United States by Element E-Liquid - is the company’s award-winning new line of nic-salts (salt-based nicotine). It boasts the highest nicotine content allowable in the UK (20 mg), yet as smooth as any. Its pre-filled pods mean no messy and inconvenient refills. Just pop out the old one, insert a new pod and go!

The Aspire Gusto Mini powered by Ns20 hit the ground running and refuses to look back. Element E-Liquid prides itself on remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative and creative e-liquids.