What is "steeping" and do Global Hubb products require it?

The steeping of e-liquids is a process used to blend the flavourings together with the e-liquid base (PG/VG etc), a bit like a teabag in water. Steeping matures the flavour and in some cases the colour of the liquid. The steeping process give the flavours a chance to develop and blend together. For example, our Cherry Menthol is made up of 3 different flavours. If you were to vape the Cherry Menthol straight after it was mixed you might not be able to pick much cherry taste. Through a process of agitation and introducing clean air it gives the flavours time to mature, become stronger and better balanced.

We try our best to steep all of our e-liquids for around 7-10 days before they are bottled and sold, so there should be no need to steep unless you want to. 

Will Global Hubb E-Liquids work in my electrconic cigarette?

Yes, all electronic cigarettes work on the same basic design. E-liquid is stored in a chamber and is fed to a heating element or atomiser via a wick. From here the liquid is heated to a point where it is vapourised producing the vapour that you inhale.

Our e-liquid is designed to have an optimum viscosity, meaning that the consistency of the liquid is not too thick or too thin. This should help extend the life of your electronic cigarette atomiser.  

How long do Global Hubb products last?

Global Hubb products have a best before date of 24 months from the day it was produced. 

You will find a best before date just under the batch number on the bottle of our Global Hubb products. 

How do I open a 10ml bottle from any Global Hubb range?

Our bottles are slightly different to anything we have seen on the market. Our caps are both tamper-evident and child-proof so when opening - Please push down firmly and twist anti-clockwise to break the seal. 

We find that the best way to open the bottle is to push and twist the bottle while holding the cap and not the other way around.

Do any Global Hubb products contain Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin.

We don't use ANY flavoring that contain Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin in any of our products that contain nicotine.

Do you use dyes or colourings in your E-Liquids?

We don't use dyes or colorings besides what are present in the base flavours. These serve no purpose other than marketing.

Do you use oil based flavourings?

We don't use oil based flavourings - all of our flavourings are suspended in PG.